Sunday, February 27, 2011

Government and its People

I don’t think that we should be minimizing a huge problem; there is a major conflict between the government and its people. There is nothing wrong with collective bargaining; problem is that the politicians are making deals using our money. Politicians are effectively buying political support through advertising and fund raising, making bigger promises then the donations solicited, there seems to be a thin line between buying votes or political support in the case of the government employee unions.
Much as I like to sympathies with the government employee unions, without the trade unions a living wage and job security would be scarce, they are getting paid with our money. The way it looks, the situation went too far to the left. The union leaders and the politicians are in cahoots with each other. Public employee unions are a conflict of interest for the rest of us. Politicians are promising benefits to union members, writing regulations and signing contracts. Not so good!
Our political lobby, what does that even mean? When a politician proposes legislation is that "I am just listening to my constituents" or there might be a lobbyist involved, working on behalf of an influential organization? There is definitively a bunch of large lobby firms doing the backseat driving, that we the People know very little about. For anything to change for the wage earners we need to ask, our labor is no longer good enough, do we have to be milked now for our savings, benefits and the equity in our property? This sounds cynical bath there is hardly another way to explain how come that most everything that is in our retail stores is imported, because of that our people are unemployed and there is no money in state coffers. There just aren’t enough workers working to support the state and the federal Government so the politicians and the corporate bosses are catting benefits and raising taxes. Now all of a sudden there isn't enough money to pay the teachers so we are blaming the unions and collective bargaining. Why not blame the politicians, why are we not picking on, let’s say the diplomatic core. If a company has a right to incorporate the labor should have a right to organize. To fix this we need to fallow the money, it’s easy to see who is getting paid and by whom. Like Bernie Madoff said, all the checks went through the bank; didn’t they know how to count? The staff around the politicians needs to tell on their bosses and stop enabling them. The people around the world and at home are trying to reform their Governments, what needs reforming is the way we access the Government, for that we need the politicians to tell on themselves.
Just how big is our government? When will the bubble burst? Does anybody remember the sixties? If I remember correctly the law enforcement wasn’t all that sympathetic toward the protesters. You are not going to catch me demonstrating.
All those democrats leaving Wisconsin together could be easily interpreted as conspiracy?   

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