Thursday, December 30, 2010

Freedom Works, 12.29.10

There are a lot of smart people mentioned, but the article is not going far enough. The point of view that the article discusses is giving. Somebody have something to give, so far governments gave food and money to the marginalized and disenfranchised populations. Why are so many people disenfranchised? Giving somebody a job is still giving. Giving a job a subsidy, food stamps, welfare is a temporary solution.
Tomorrow we no longer need you, we found somebody chipper and hungrier so we say “let’s extend the unemployment benefits little longer.” The government will take care of you.
Many smart and good meaning people tried to resolve the issue of poverty, but it is still only from a point o view of a politician and a philosopher. This prominent journalist said “if the politicians would resolve the issue of poverty they would have nothing to campaign on” it is a cynical but it begs the question, why are some people poor and others not? Is it maybe because the regulations are preventing most people from “helping themselves” and giving them money gets the politicians of the hook with the corporate sponsors? You think that politicians can go to the big corporate sponsor and say that the job that is created is not disposable at somebody’s will? That the good of the community is of the outmost importance and the privileges that they enjoy cannot be at the expense of the taxpayers. I think not, no politician is going to do that.
Somebody advertised a tasteless prank, where people showed up for Obama care; people didn’t know what that was. They were hungry so they come to get embarrassed for being hungry. I bet that if somebody was offering kitchen garden spots more people would come.
See I already know how to fish now I’m looking for the access to the fishing pond. Most people are like that, regulations and mandates are keeping the big business and the government in charge. There is hardly a way for Joe the plumber to bid against a big box store.
Goodbye Republic and welcome State Capitalism! Wake up people!

Friday, December 24, 2010

There are still too many Drones in the Beehive

 Politicians are asking for money and threatening to withhold services and close the government if they don’t get it. “We the People” cannot call their bluff, so why all the theatrics? They are dividing the loot and bickering between each other, that’s why, looking to taxpayers to take sides. Can “We the People” withhold the funding of the government, just for a day or so each week? Our government is like a drunkard threatening to kill himself, if he doesn’t get another drink, nothing would happen. There is so much money out there that nobody would notice it, maybe just less would be stolen. Continuing not to worry about misappropriation is impeding with the well being of our Republic. Some of the commentators in the popular media suggested that maybe a problem. Obscene amounts of money are being collected and no senator or a representative could be accountable individually, but the managers that actually sign the checks could be easily identified. It seems that the money is being given out with no strings attached and no expectations. Every so often somebody brings it up, like the bridge to nowhere to embers somebody. The problem is much larger than that. Things that are here for long time need to be looked at. A ledger going back at least fifty years could be balanced like a personal check book. Somebody signed for and approved every penny awarded to organizations and programs that were a part of the appropriation, those signatories need to account for that money. We need to know who initiated the programs and how long ago, on whose request, from farm subsidies to education and research grants? Every manager that received money from an appropriation bill need to justify and show results or pay it back. Doesn’t matter how long ago it happened. If only our lawmakers would suddenly get remorseful and confess to all the free lunches they had with the lobbyist or maybe somebody could make a transcript of all the promise that the politicians make, and have them sign it just before the inauguration. Why not make that Contract with America legally banding.
Somebody needs to have an idea of how could be possible to hold the politicians accountable after the election, or maybe we should just pay our taxes and be thankful that we can. Once the bully gets you, he will not let you go until you gave up your lunch money. Once the politician is in the office there is hardly a way to get him out even if he isn’t living up to the promises made to the people. Our foundation and the pillars are gone the roof is being propped up by speculators, it will collapse  as soon it is no longer profitable to prop it up, regardless of who and what is under it. What happened to the “Pillars of Community” did our business leaders turned into speculator? We are working with our enemies because our politicians regulated us out of business. We are talking about taxing the air we breathe. People please, wake up!        

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Conflict of Interest

Q: In your opinion do you think that the economy of some of the emerging countries where a lot of major companies from the US has moved to will ever get strong enough to actually buy enough products from the US to make this idea good. Or do you think that the underlying new thoughts starting to be viewed as factual are that the reality is that companies only move overseas to both break up unions and to make an ever bigger profit margin.
The answer to the first part of the question is no, the developing world is looking to grow; only things they buy is energy, technology and tools, that they copy. The labor force in the third world is so marginalized and the standards of living so low that the workers are literality working for “a pint and a crust.” There is no competition from the western world possible. Most of the East, India and China are treating their labor force like the beasts of burden. There are three classes in the developing world; the rich and the politicians, the poor and the dirt poor.       
The second question is yes, and is extremely troubling.  The operating word here is a LIVING WAGE and JOB SECURITY. The big corporations didn’t intend to live up to their end of the collective bargaining agreements so they found a way to get out of those contracts by moving the production elsewhere and are still doing that, moving from state to state, taking advantages of land grants and tax breaks. Our lawmakers sold out the American worker. The Congress failed to bridge the gap between labor and business and to regulate the international trade. Events that lead to unionization and collective bargaining have nothing to do with politics and right and left it was always about right and wrong. The unions elevated the workers to the middle class status. That in turn helped the small business and communities to grow. Once elected our representatives and senators start taking sides. We should never have allowed the China trade. The corporate and the union lobby are equally corrupt. I don’t know, maybe someone can explain it to me, how is it LEGALY possible for an elected official to negotiate a union contract with someone else’s money, the tax payers money. Government employees don’t have a reason to organized; they already enjoy the benefits of job security and a living wage. Government employees already have the political machine backing them. There is a huge difference between private and government employment, it is a conflict of interest; our elected officials sold us out. The business has a right to incorporate and the labor a right to organized, the Congress has a RESPONSIBILITY to bridge the gap between labor and business, they failed to do that. So there we go, buying cheep Chinese junk, calling each other right and left and complaining about joblessness!
Have a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas and all the rest of Holydays!