Thursday, December 30, 2010

Freedom Works, 12.29.10

There are a lot of smart people mentioned, but the article is not going far enough. The point of view that the article discusses is giving. Somebody have something to give, so far governments gave food and money to the marginalized and disenfranchised populations. Why are so many people disenfranchised? Giving somebody a job is still giving. Giving a job a subsidy, food stamps, welfare is a temporary solution.
Tomorrow we no longer need you, we found somebody chipper and hungrier so we say “let’s extend the unemployment benefits little longer.” The government will take care of you.
Many smart and good meaning people tried to resolve the issue of poverty, but it is still only from a point o view of a politician and a philosopher. This prominent journalist said “if the politicians would resolve the issue of poverty they would have nothing to campaign on” it is a cynical but it begs the question, why are some people poor and others not? Is it maybe because the regulations are preventing most people from “helping themselves” and giving them money gets the politicians of the hook with the corporate sponsors? You think that politicians can go to the big corporate sponsor and say that the job that is created is not disposable at somebody’s will? That the good of the community is of the outmost importance and the privileges that they enjoy cannot be at the expense of the taxpayers. I think not, no politician is going to do that.
Somebody advertised a tasteless prank, where people showed up for Obama care; people didn’t know what that was. They were hungry so they come to get embarrassed for being hungry. I bet that if somebody was offering kitchen garden spots more people would come.
See I already know how to fish now I’m looking for the access to the fishing pond. Most people are like that, regulations and mandates are keeping the big business and the government in charge. There is hardly a way for Joe the plumber to bid against a big box store.
Goodbye Republic and welcome State Capitalism! Wake up people!

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