Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lost freedom

With the New Year comes a new congress with new promises. Forget about the old. The new medical insurance coverage cards started arriving to. There is a magnetic strip on the back of it; every time we go to a clinic it will be swiped. The congress could try to repel the medical insurance mandate, they might even succeed but the privacy and freedom are gone for good. Our medical history and our diets are no longer a private matter. Most of us already have discount and preferred shopper card for every grocery store and pharmacy that we frequent. The new food safety regulation is welcomed by the unsuspecting. The preventive treatment is a requirement it will not be repelled. Doctors are enrolled into the health maintenance ideology, encouraged by the pharmaceutical companies and supported by FDA. Maintenance medications are being widely prescribed, in some cases mandated. How long will it take before the good doctor or the health insurance agent request to check on your diet? How many freedoms have we lost this far?  

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