Monday, November 29, 2010


Media is giving us talking points, and I’m sorry to say that most of us are falling for it. Don’t let them put words in your mouth. Politics is a business here and in the Russian Federation and in China, it is an investment. Most politicians are in it for life and then pass the political contacts on to family members and close associates, that applies everywhere from here to Russia, China and the poorest countries. Politicians don’t care what the people call the political system it is all the same to them, once they get elected it is it, they are in. Does anybody know of a poor politician in any political and or economic system, ever?
We should first care about us and then about the World. Our elected officials are not doing the job that they promised and are elected to do. Their job, amongst other things is, to bridge the gap between labor and business, to regulate the international commerce and not to take sides. So far democrats and republicans took sides of special interest and the corporate sponsors. Wake up people and start reading between the lines. Demand from your elected officials to give you their job description, don’t let them skirt the issue and sweet talk you, like they did during the campaign. Go Libertarian!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The coming Inflation

The conversation in the media is about lack of money and taxes. It should be about, us the people, we are losing our America. The government is growing uncontrollably and harvesting us like the honey bees. We gave our industry to the third world. The products and services coming from abroad are not being taxed appropriately. They are being taxed according to the purchase price, which is very little. When a family is short on money everything is a problem. I apologize for being simplistic but there is no way around that, "we the people" decided to buy cheap imports, nobody made us to, go to the big box store. Now we are losing our jobs and our homes and our businesses are being foreclosed on. International corporations are making money on both ends. Now they are after our savings by inflating the money. Nobody is talking loud enough, don't worry we will be screaming really soon out of pain. Most of us didn't say anything thirty years back when our farms were going under and were being consolidated into large agricultural concerns. Now we are having intellectual conversation trying to be smarter than the other guy, about republicans, democrats, libertarians the tea party and the food prices are going up, we will pay, there is no choice, we no longer have excess to the farm. Please, wake up people, the communist China is occupying us, first was the industry and now, the financial markets. Stop talking about whose fault it is and what’s on TV. Stop buying other peoples junk and at the same time complain that you have nothing to do. Politicians love communism, no more campaigns no more elections no more tea party they are in for life. Demand your rights from the government; don't let your representatives pull rank on you.
 I hope the sugar water that the communist give you, gets you through the winter.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reclaiming the land

In this discussion I am trying to raise the issue of poverty. The reason that I started the conversation with the Founders is that I believe that founding of USA was a first serious attempt to acknowledge individual rights of owning property and bearing arms. These two rights assure, to a significant degree, individuals ability to fend for his family. There are many reasons for poverty, here I like to look at what I believe is the most serious human condition of not having access to land and food. Sims like the war on poverty became a cliché, just because it is political in nature. There was this columnist who said that “…if we would combat poverty the politicians would have nothing to talk about.” Since that time we saved the redwoods, spotted owl, whales and the seals. This new generation is saving the climate. When the youth of my generation was campaigning to save the whales I don’t remember us talking about any specific measurable results we didn’t know how many people stopped whaling. I’m sure that a bunch of whaling ships was rerouted to friendlier waters. I wonder what will be the specific measurable result for the climate not changing.  
 In the rest of the world tribal conflict and territorial dispute alienated millions from the homelands. The emerging economies marginalized millions of their citizens in order to be able to sport the new economic boom. The governments and municipalities are claiming eminent domain for “the public good” whatever that means. The millions of dollars, being raised by charities are being spent on food that is purchased from the very people that are controlling the excess to the land and the food. None of the human rights campaigns are talking about reclaiming the land for individual use. When a wise man was offered to choose between gold and a mule he chooses the mule, the gold I would spend in a day but a mule will be a lasting asset, he said.
“Reclaiming the land” need to be the new campaign around world. It could be easily measured and would give a message to our leaders, dictators and the corrupt officials that we are a wake and no longer tolerating slavery, indigent servitude and poverty.

Monday, November 8, 2010


The reason for poverty is that people don’t have access to the land and food. Most of the land in the third world is owned by governments, landlords and warlords that are the reasons that people are displaced and living in camps and shanty towns. Nobody is saying anything until it is happening to them. People are suffering around the world; it is our own fault we let it happen to others. Hire in the USA when the family farms were going under in the eighties we let it happen, now our homes are being foreclosed on because they took the jobs away from people, we are saying it is they fault they overextended themselves they should have known better. In the US eighty percent of the land is owned by large corporations and the government. The commentators in the media are taking the attention away from the big picture the lasting scars inflicted up on our people they are taking our land away. They are telling us that if let to our own devices we would die of starvation. There will be nothing left to tax. American Power Act is the most ingenious piece of legislation ever. It taxes the air we are breathing, we will be paying taxes while sleeping, ingenious! The government will make sure that we have enough left to eat end pay taxes, don’t worry we will not die the government need us to breath.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cap & Trade

November 4, 2010

Dear Representative Schakowsky,
Dear Senator Durbin,
Dear Senator Burris,

As a constituent, I urge you to oppose the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman "American Power Act." Little more than cap and trade in disguise, the bill would be a massive job-killing energy tax. In fact, the largest tax hike ever, and would hit the poor and middleclass, who spend a higher proportion of their income on essentials like electricity and fuel, the hardest. when American families are already struggling to make ends meet in our current economic downturn.

Cap and trade, or cap and tax, would mean sky high energy prices for consumers, but a new government slush fund for Washington. A twenty-seven cent "Fuels' Fee" on every gallon of gasoline included in the bill means not just higher prices at the pump, but higher prices on shipping and food production. It's hard to think of an area of life these higher costs won't affect. Higher energy costs will put the cost of doing business through the roof and send American jobs overseas at a time of record unemployment.

The bill also contains multi-billion dollar handouts for select corporations like General Electric, Duke Energy, and BP, who all support higher energy costs.

Altogether, this is far too high a price to pay for nothing in return. Any impact on global climate temperatures is too small to measure. The risks, on the other hand, are clear. Please stand up for American families and businesses and oppose the Kerry-Lieberman "American Power Act."

November 3, 2010 Mr. Zoltan Varga Chicago, IL 60660 Dear Mr. Varga: Thank you for contacting me regarding the American Power Act. I appreciate hearing from you. In order to achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions without harming our economy, it is important that we provide industries with sufficient time to prepare for new standards and ensure that consumers are not subject to sudden cost increases. However, we cannot afford to ignore the problem. Mainstream scientists have accumulated overwhelming evidence that the problem of climate change is real and that we can't afford to wait any longer to act. If we choose to ignore climate change and its consequences, we risk placing our future in grave danger. We could face large-scale environmental and economic dislocations that threaten our national security. Senators Kerry and Lieberman developed the American Power Act to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. This legislation would establish a national pollution reduction target requiring greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced 17 percent below the 2005 level by 2020, with the goal of reducing emissions by 83 percent by the year 2050. The legislation includes provisions to promote the production of oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy. It also would make a significant investment in the development of clean, domestic energy sources. Supporting renewable energy, carbon capture and sequestration, and other clean energy technologies will move our nation toward energy independence, strengthen our national security, and protect our environment. Our investment in clean energy will also jumpstart the creation of a wide range of new jobs here in the United States that cannot be outsourced. By tackling the largest sources of carbon pollution and taking steps now to reduce the impacts of climate change, we can protect our environmental future while expanding our economy. Thank you again for your message. Please feel free to stay in touch. Sincerely, Richard J. Durbin United States Senator

Dear Senator Durbin
I’m glad and surprised to hear from your staff. Thank you very much for the invitation to continue the correspondence. I believe without a doubt that your intentions for our great Country are most honorable. If I might be so bold and comment on several aspects of the new regulations that you are proposing for our declining manufacturing, mining and oil production industries. The first comment is on “The global worming” theory suggested by some scientists and disputed by other scientists that dispute resulted in name changing to “Climate change.” If we seriously consider only that one fact we must give the theory a second look. Second comment is on the job creation that you are forecasting as a result of the new regulation, in the business, service jobs are called overhead. Third comment is on “Cap & Trade” that you refer to as the “American Power Act” you said that Senators Kerry and Lieberman proposed the legislation; you didn’t say how they came up with it, who actually wrote the concept. How about China, India and Russian Federation will they be paying the “Global Tax?” It is a global tax, isn’t it? And who would be controlling the clearing house for such a large trading institution?
And one more thing, The Constitution, Article. I. Section. 8. The Congress shall have Power… To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations …
I am going to assume it means to our favor, please correct me if I am wrong in any of my assumptions and please forgive me for my boldness.
Sincerely yours
American Voter