Monday, November 8, 2010


The reason for poverty is that people don’t have access to the land and food. Most of the land in the third world is owned by governments, landlords and warlords that are the reasons that people are displaced and living in camps and shanty towns. Nobody is saying anything until it is happening to them. People are suffering around the world; it is our own fault we let it happen to others. Hire in the USA when the family farms were going under in the eighties we let it happen, now our homes are being foreclosed on because they took the jobs away from people, we are saying it is they fault they overextended themselves they should have known better. In the US eighty percent of the land is owned by large corporations and the government. The commentators in the media are taking the attention away from the big picture the lasting scars inflicted up on our people they are taking our land away. They are telling us that if let to our own devices we would die of starvation. There will be nothing left to tax. American Power Act is the most ingenious piece of legislation ever. It taxes the air we are breathing, we will be paying taxes while sleeping, ingenious! The government will make sure that we have enough left to eat end pay taxes, don’t worry we will not die the government need us to breath.

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