Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The coming Inflation

The conversation in the media is about lack of money and taxes. It should be about, us the people, we are losing our America. The government is growing uncontrollably and harvesting us like the honey bees. We gave our industry to the third world. The products and services coming from abroad are not being taxed appropriately. They are being taxed according to the purchase price, which is very little. When a family is short on money everything is a problem. I apologize for being simplistic but there is no way around that, "we the people" decided to buy cheap imports, nobody made us to, go to the big box store. Now we are losing our jobs and our homes and our businesses are being foreclosed on. International corporations are making money on both ends. Now they are after our savings by inflating the money. Nobody is talking loud enough, don't worry we will be screaming really soon out of pain. Most of us didn't say anything thirty years back when our farms were going under and were being consolidated into large agricultural concerns. Now we are having intellectual conversation trying to be smarter than the other guy, about republicans, democrats, libertarians the tea party and the food prices are going up, we will pay, there is no choice, we no longer have excess to the farm. Please, wake up people, the communist China is occupying us, first was the industry and now, the financial markets. Stop talking about whose fault it is and what’s on TV. Stop buying other peoples junk and at the same time complain that you have nothing to do. Politicians love communism, no more campaigns no more elections no more tea party they are in for life. Demand your rights from the government; don't let your representatives pull rank on you.
 I hope the sugar water that the communist give you, gets you through the winter.

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