Thursday, September 30, 2010

It’s The Eagle Mr. Beck

Listening to your program (“making of a revolutionary” I made this up) I heard you say that you didn’t see how is possible to be “apple pie and Chevrolet” and a socialist revolutionary and how come that people are not seeing it coming. For the first generation of instigators I believe that is possible because that they already have a generous slice of the pie that they are not willing to share; the rest of us believe just about anything. “Are you ready for change America?” Head me running to the wonting booth, I actually promised my friends, that if Obama gets elected I will give up being a cynic. It didn’t happen. UAW workers believed when  President Reagan said “I will get all the welfare queens and their Cadillac’s” the poor bigots actually thought that Mr. Reagan was talking about black people on welfare and not about the very people in front of him, the UAW. When he got elected he nearly destroyed the auto industry in Michigan.
 It’s the second and third generation that will have an issue with “from everybody according to his ability”. Look at the post WWII exodus from Eastern Europe. When the central planning of education started the laborers were celebrated at the same time education was emphasized, big time oxymoron. “Hawing connections” was the goal in life, corruption the way of life and the glass ceiling was thick.
Wake up America!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New World Order

 In preparing ourselves to defend the Republic from the New Socialist Revolution we need to distinguish the socialist in our Society.  
The socialist of the first generation are the do-gooders that are trying to make way for themselves in the society. They are generally semi-intelligent people that could not make it to the next level in the field that they are in; obvious examples are: Shall Remain Nameless  . Shall didn’t quite make it to the top in the main stream politics. Nameless is not accepted in the old money elite, he is desperately trying to be counted. They followers are of the same clot, well of parents, with to-much time on the hands with a good education, same as they leaders, desperately trying to be counted, but the fact that they cannot foresee the outcome of the actions that they engage in is most dangers. Do not fear smart people; fear the ones that are semi-intelligent because of, that they are self-righteous. They will burn you, they parents and everything in front of them just to prove that they are right. The damage to the society is enormous; there is a lot of money, made trough speculation and trickery or simply inherited from hard working parents, being spent on that propaganda. Needing to be right is a psychological problem that consumes the society and its people. I propose that we have them re-educated in North Korea, I’m sure that after they see and feel on they skin how people live under a communist dictatorship that they will reconsider.  
The word in the media is that once again one of them made it; He is on the top fighting to “re-divide the World” once again, I wonder what the New World Order will look like this time, how many people will expire?
Sorry, I meant to say “redistribution of wealth.”

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

State Capitalism is a code for Socialism

Communal society is the first society. From the tree to the cave it was “Matriarchal” from the first villages to pre industrial Feudalism was “Patriarchal.” The individual was always expendable, the slowest was eaten.  Forming of village changed the power structure in the tribe; the men put themselves in front. The leaders identified themselves, most likely by, fighting it out. We are still fighting, no longer over goats, now we are fighting over money because that is how we keep score. The transition from the first village to the first kingdom, I’m sure it took some time. There are still aborigine tribes that are not organized. Our First Nation, the Native Americans are still straggling to organize.
 Innovation, colonization, exploration, industrialization and paper money continually changed the power balance in the world.
Now we have UN, global economy, gender equality and are talking about Global Governance.
The wars are raging around the world just like always, nations are arming themselves and threatening to harm each other just like always, the poor are being instigated to revolt against their master for a promise of a new and improved master just like always. Only here in the US freedom exists we need to protect it.
The Left, is pushing for Socialism and the Right, for the Republic; we will not let the Left confuse the situation by making up new words like “State Capitalism,” to gain control over the means of production, we already saw how little it took to take control over banks.    
The one thing that was created truly a new, Our Republic, the only document that allows for personal freedom the US Constitution is being proclaimed outdated. We cannot forget that the US Constitution is an all inclusive document that allows for personal freedom, the socialism does not. It also allows for the impeachment of Government officials. That is our tool at the bolt box. No more working for the special interest, no more exporting of row materials, no more leasing of government land to foreign companies for pennies stop the speculators from profiting of the tax payers. We cannot let ourselves be depended on the government. We cannot allow the government to deprive us of our private lives. We need to clearly distinguish social programs from socialism. In socialism is always about the collective, it is not like we like to say “I’m a team player” the individual is expendable, just like in prehistoric time. We should call the left “digressive” not progressive.                  
Who, which country, who’s ideology will we fallow? George Washington and the US Constitution or, you tell me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Speculators

Redistribution of wealth was newer meant for the poor. The media was poking at President Bush, for the refunds he was giving, saying the poor are getting a muffler and the rich a car. To poke at President Obama, the rich in His group will get a new hart and the poor a dental check up.
Redistribution actually means shifting the wealth from one group to another. Only thing is that media is trying to be politically correct, and it didn’t distinguish the two groups for us. With all the economist writing a petition, in fear of a duple deep recession, yes it will happen, but only to one group. Money changes hands, it is like energy it transforms, does not disappear it changes form.
When a group of leaders is writing regulation it is to the benefit of the class they represent, be assured it is never the poor. A prominent writer once said “…if we stop poverty, politicians would have nothing to talk about…” There are poverty programs showing pictures of the poor in the ghetto asking us to help to send money, newer do they show the rich arranging and licensing the photo shoot.
This is what I am leading up to, the two groups of rich, the upstanding entrepreneur acquiring wealth by the sweat of his brow, and the speculator skirting the Low. Exposing these groups would make a big deference; we should no longer tolerate people looking to make money trough speculation. At one point when the stock markets and commodity exchanges opened, it was grate, it assured uniform praising and financing of the products and made investment available to industry.
The simplest of investments, the retirement funds are being skimmed off. Coming into the market like clockwork, trough payroll deduction and matching funds, every pay period. The speculators are watching that, “fresh cash" closely.
So, you mouthy commentators, in the media, please start taking names. Don’t tell me to bake a pie, look at the prices of ingredients; it is twice the price of already baked pie, made by minimum wage workers with no benefits employed at will in food factories.
Let’s talk about deal making and organizing, for real, not like some overpriced half baked seminar speculating on the na├»ve and the needy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Standing Upright in Righteousness

With all the controversies about Faith and Religion this could be a good time for the outspoken religious people to come together and look at the name calling that is going on. Colorful epithets are a big part of the issue. Calling someone an Infidel, Bigot, Nazi or a Heretic does not forward the conversation. Burning Flags, Effigies, Religious Books does not help it only entices. Insisting on political correctness does not help either. Better way would be giving up some of the Self–righteousness and revising the idea of Religious Cleanliness. Primary part of the conversation need to be the distinction between Self-righteousness and Religious-righteousness! Let it be so.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Answer to “legalbear”

Because we like to interact with each other, interaction with another human is life changing, every time you make a contact with someone you are one friend richer. I hope that answers your question and thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a smart ass.


I heard it through the grapevine today. The conversation was about weaknesses, so the person asked what is the Achilles’ heel of USA. “Political correctness!” Was the answer.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A task for the coming session of Congress

Balance the import / export ratio. We are exporting row materials and importing finished product. We are exporting our jobs because the corporations don’t want to pay a living wage. Government is absorbing the unemployed and in turn raising taxes and printing money, it is a wishes circle. The Government is the largest employer but it isn’t producing anything yet consumes more and more! We have more Drones then Workers in the Hive! Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen of our new and improved Congress, from the bottom of my hart!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Conversation about taxes, need to shift from collecting to spending. Continuing not to worry about misappropriation is impending the well being of our Republic. Some of the commentators in the popular media suggested that maybe a problem. The obscene amount of money is being collected and no senator or a representative could be accountable individually. Every so often somebody brings it up, like the bridge to nowhere to embers somebody. The problem is much larger than that. Things that are there for long time need to be looked at. A ledger going back at least fifty years could be balanced like a personal check book. Somebody have signed for every penny of the appropriation those signatories need to testify to: Who initiate the programs and how long ago, from farm subsidies to education and research grants.

That could be possible only if our lowmakers suddenly got remorse and confessed to all the free lunches with the lobbyist, or We the People make the Contract with America legally banding. Maybe somebody have an idea how could that be possible, or just pay your taxes and be thankful that you can. Once the bully got you he will not let you go until you have something to give.


“The Contract with America,” to bad it is not legally binding!