Thursday, December 30, 2010

Freedom Works, 12.29.10

There are a lot of smart people mentioned, but the article is not going far enough. The point of view that the article discusses is giving. Somebody have something to give, so far governments gave food and money to the marginalized and disenfranchised populations. Why are so many people disenfranchised? Giving somebody a job is still giving. Giving a job a subsidy, food stamps, welfare is a temporary solution.
Tomorrow we no longer need you, we found somebody chipper and hungrier so we say “let’s extend the unemployment benefits little longer.” The government will take care of you.
Many smart and good meaning people tried to resolve the issue of poverty, but it is still only from a point o view of a politician and a philosopher. This prominent journalist said “if the politicians would resolve the issue of poverty they would have nothing to campaign on” it is a cynical but it begs the question, why are some people poor and others not? Is it maybe because the regulations are preventing most people from “helping themselves” and giving them money gets the politicians of the hook with the corporate sponsors? You think that politicians can go to the big corporate sponsor and say that the job that is created is not disposable at somebody’s will? That the good of the community is of the outmost importance and the privileges that they enjoy cannot be at the expense of the taxpayers. I think not, no politician is going to do that.
Somebody advertised a tasteless prank, where people showed up for Obama care; people didn’t know what that was. They were hungry so they come to get embarrassed for being hungry. I bet that if somebody was offering kitchen garden spots more people would come.
See I already know how to fish now I’m looking for the access to the fishing pond. Most people are like that, regulations and mandates are keeping the big business and the government in charge. There is hardly a way for Joe the plumber to bid against a big box store.
Goodbye Republic and welcome State Capitalism! Wake up people!

Friday, December 24, 2010

There are still too many Drones in the Beehive

 Politicians are asking for money and threatening to withhold services and close the government if they don’t get it. “We the People” cannot call their bluff, so why all the theatrics? They are dividing the loot and bickering between each other, that’s why, looking to taxpayers to take sides. Can “We the People” withhold the funding of the government, just for a day or so each week? Our government is like a drunkard threatening to kill himself, if he doesn’t get another drink, nothing would happen. There is so much money out there that nobody would notice it, maybe just less would be stolen. Continuing not to worry about misappropriation is impeding with the well being of our Republic. Some of the commentators in the popular media suggested that maybe a problem. Obscene amounts of money are being collected and no senator or a representative could be accountable individually, but the managers that actually sign the checks could be easily identified. It seems that the money is being given out with no strings attached and no expectations. Every so often somebody brings it up, like the bridge to nowhere to embers somebody. The problem is much larger than that. Things that are here for long time need to be looked at. A ledger going back at least fifty years could be balanced like a personal check book. Somebody signed for and approved every penny awarded to organizations and programs that were a part of the appropriation, those signatories need to account for that money. We need to know who initiated the programs and how long ago, on whose request, from farm subsidies to education and research grants? Every manager that received money from an appropriation bill need to justify and show results or pay it back. Doesn’t matter how long ago it happened. If only our lawmakers would suddenly get remorseful and confess to all the free lunches they had with the lobbyist or maybe somebody could make a transcript of all the promise that the politicians make, and have them sign it just before the inauguration. Why not make that Contract with America legally banding.
Somebody needs to have an idea of how could be possible to hold the politicians accountable after the election, or maybe we should just pay our taxes and be thankful that we can. Once the bully gets you, he will not let you go until you gave up your lunch money. Once the politician is in the office there is hardly a way to get him out even if he isn’t living up to the promises made to the people. Our foundation and the pillars are gone the roof is being propped up by speculators, it will collapse  as soon it is no longer profitable to prop it up, regardless of who and what is under it. What happened to the “Pillars of Community” did our business leaders turned into speculator? We are working with our enemies because our politicians regulated us out of business. We are talking about taxing the air we breathe. People please, wake up!        

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Conflict of Interest

Q: In your opinion do you think that the economy of some of the emerging countries where a lot of major companies from the US has moved to will ever get strong enough to actually buy enough products from the US to make this idea good. Or do you think that the underlying new thoughts starting to be viewed as factual are that the reality is that companies only move overseas to both break up unions and to make an ever bigger profit margin.
The answer to the first part of the question is no, the developing world is looking to grow; only things they buy is energy, technology and tools, that they copy. The labor force in the third world is so marginalized and the standards of living so low that the workers are literality working for “a pint and a crust.” There is no competition from the western world possible. Most of the East, India and China are treating their labor force like the beasts of burden. There are three classes in the developing world; the rich and the politicians, the poor and the dirt poor.       
The second question is yes, and is extremely troubling.  The operating word here is a LIVING WAGE and JOB SECURITY. The big corporations didn’t intend to live up to their end of the collective bargaining agreements so they found a way to get out of those contracts by moving the production elsewhere and are still doing that, moving from state to state, taking advantages of land grants and tax breaks. Our lawmakers sold out the American worker. The Congress failed to bridge the gap between labor and business and to regulate the international trade. Events that lead to unionization and collective bargaining have nothing to do with politics and right and left it was always about right and wrong. The unions elevated the workers to the middle class status. That in turn helped the small business and communities to grow. Once elected our representatives and senators start taking sides. We should never have allowed the China trade. The corporate and the union lobby are equally corrupt. I don’t know, maybe someone can explain it to me, how is it LEGALY possible for an elected official to negotiate a union contract with someone else’s money, the tax payers money. Government employees don’t have a reason to organized; they already enjoy the benefits of job security and a living wage. Government employees already have the political machine backing them. There is a huge difference between private and government employment, it is a conflict of interest; our elected officials sold us out. The business has a right to incorporate and the labor a right to organized, the Congress has a RESPONSIBILITY to bridge the gap between labor and business, they failed to do that. So there we go, buying cheep Chinese junk, calling each other right and left and complaining about joblessness!
Have a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas and all the rest of Holydays! 

Monday, November 29, 2010


Media is giving us talking points, and I’m sorry to say that most of us are falling for it. Don’t let them put words in your mouth. Politics is a business here and in the Russian Federation and in China, it is an investment. Most politicians are in it for life and then pass the political contacts on to family members and close associates, that applies everywhere from here to Russia, China and the poorest countries. Politicians don’t care what the people call the political system it is all the same to them, once they get elected it is it, they are in. Does anybody know of a poor politician in any political and or economic system, ever?
We should first care about us and then about the World. Our elected officials are not doing the job that they promised and are elected to do. Their job, amongst other things is, to bridge the gap between labor and business, to regulate the international commerce and not to take sides. So far democrats and republicans took sides of special interest and the corporate sponsors. Wake up people and start reading between the lines. Demand from your elected officials to give you their job description, don’t let them skirt the issue and sweet talk you, like they did during the campaign. Go Libertarian!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The coming Inflation

The conversation in the media is about lack of money and taxes. It should be about, us the people, we are losing our America. The government is growing uncontrollably and harvesting us like the honey bees. We gave our industry to the third world. The products and services coming from abroad are not being taxed appropriately. They are being taxed according to the purchase price, which is very little. When a family is short on money everything is a problem. I apologize for being simplistic but there is no way around that, "we the people" decided to buy cheap imports, nobody made us to, go to the big box store. Now we are losing our jobs and our homes and our businesses are being foreclosed on. International corporations are making money on both ends. Now they are after our savings by inflating the money. Nobody is talking loud enough, don't worry we will be screaming really soon out of pain. Most of us didn't say anything thirty years back when our farms were going under and were being consolidated into large agricultural concerns. Now we are having intellectual conversation trying to be smarter than the other guy, about republicans, democrats, libertarians the tea party and the food prices are going up, we will pay, there is no choice, we no longer have excess to the farm. Please, wake up people, the communist China is occupying us, first was the industry and now, the financial markets. Stop talking about whose fault it is and what’s on TV. Stop buying other peoples junk and at the same time complain that you have nothing to do. Politicians love communism, no more campaigns no more elections no more tea party they are in for life. Demand your rights from the government; don't let your representatives pull rank on you.
 I hope the sugar water that the communist give you, gets you through the winter.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reclaiming the land

In this discussion I am trying to raise the issue of poverty. The reason that I started the conversation with the Founders is that I believe that founding of USA was a first serious attempt to acknowledge individual rights of owning property and bearing arms. These two rights assure, to a significant degree, individuals ability to fend for his family. There are many reasons for poverty, here I like to look at what I believe is the most serious human condition of not having access to land and food. Sims like the war on poverty became a cliché, just because it is political in nature. There was this columnist who said that “…if we would combat poverty the politicians would have nothing to talk about.” Since that time we saved the redwoods, spotted owl, whales and the seals. This new generation is saving the climate. When the youth of my generation was campaigning to save the whales I don’t remember us talking about any specific measurable results we didn’t know how many people stopped whaling. I’m sure that a bunch of whaling ships was rerouted to friendlier waters. I wonder what will be the specific measurable result for the climate not changing.  
 In the rest of the world tribal conflict and territorial dispute alienated millions from the homelands. The emerging economies marginalized millions of their citizens in order to be able to sport the new economic boom. The governments and municipalities are claiming eminent domain for “the public good” whatever that means. The millions of dollars, being raised by charities are being spent on food that is purchased from the very people that are controlling the excess to the land and the food. None of the human rights campaigns are talking about reclaiming the land for individual use. When a wise man was offered to choose between gold and a mule he chooses the mule, the gold I would spend in a day but a mule will be a lasting asset, he said.
“Reclaiming the land” need to be the new campaign around world. It could be easily measured and would give a message to our leaders, dictators and the corrupt officials that we are a wake and no longer tolerating slavery, indigent servitude and poverty.

Monday, November 8, 2010


The reason for poverty is that people don’t have access to the land and food. Most of the land in the third world is owned by governments, landlords and warlords that are the reasons that people are displaced and living in camps and shanty towns. Nobody is saying anything until it is happening to them. People are suffering around the world; it is our own fault we let it happen to others. Hire in the USA when the family farms were going under in the eighties we let it happen, now our homes are being foreclosed on because they took the jobs away from people, we are saying it is they fault they overextended themselves they should have known better. In the US eighty percent of the land is owned by large corporations and the government. The commentators in the media are taking the attention away from the big picture the lasting scars inflicted up on our people they are taking our land away. They are telling us that if let to our own devices we would die of starvation. There will be nothing left to tax. American Power Act is the most ingenious piece of legislation ever. It taxes the air we are breathing, we will be paying taxes while sleeping, ingenious! The government will make sure that we have enough left to eat end pay taxes, don’t worry we will not die the government need us to breath.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cap & Trade

November 4, 2010

Dear Representative Schakowsky,
Dear Senator Durbin,
Dear Senator Burris,

As a constituent, I urge you to oppose the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman "American Power Act." Little more than cap and trade in disguise, the bill would be a massive job-killing energy tax. In fact, the largest tax hike ever, and would hit the poor and middleclass, who spend a higher proportion of their income on essentials like electricity and fuel, the hardest. when American families are already struggling to make ends meet in our current economic downturn.

Cap and trade, or cap and tax, would mean sky high energy prices for consumers, but a new government slush fund for Washington. A twenty-seven cent "Fuels' Fee" on every gallon of gasoline included in the bill means not just higher prices at the pump, but higher prices on shipping and food production. It's hard to think of an area of life these higher costs won't affect. Higher energy costs will put the cost of doing business through the roof and send American jobs overseas at a time of record unemployment.

The bill also contains multi-billion dollar handouts for select corporations like General Electric, Duke Energy, and BP, who all support higher energy costs.

Altogether, this is far too high a price to pay for nothing in return. Any impact on global climate temperatures is too small to measure. The risks, on the other hand, are clear. Please stand up for American families and businesses and oppose the Kerry-Lieberman "American Power Act."

November 3, 2010 Mr. Zoltan Varga Chicago, IL 60660 Dear Mr. Varga: Thank you for contacting me regarding the American Power Act. I appreciate hearing from you. In order to achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions without harming our economy, it is important that we provide industries with sufficient time to prepare for new standards and ensure that consumers are not subject to sudden cost increases. However, we cannot afford to ignore the problem. Mainstream scientists have accumulated overwhelming evidence that the problem of climate change is real and that we can't afford to wait any longer to act. If we choose to ignore climate change and its consequences, we risk placing our future in grave danger. We could face large-scale environmental and economic dislocations that threaten our national security. Senators Kerry and Lieberman developed the American Power Act to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change. This legislation would establish a national pollution reduction target requiring greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced 17 percent below the 2005 level by 2020, with the goal of reducing emissions by 83 percent by the year 2050. The legislation includes provisions to promote the production of oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy. It also would make a significant investment in the development of clean, domestic energy sources. Supporting renewable energy, carbon capture and sequestration, and other clean energy technologies will move our nation toward energy independence, strengthen our national security, and protect our environment. Our investment in clean energy will also jumpstart the creation of a wide range of new jobs here in the United States that cannot be outsourced. By tackling the largest sources of carbon pollution and taking steps now to reduce the impacts of climate change, we can protect our environmental future while expanding our economy. Thank you again for your message. Please feel free to stay in touch. Sincerely, Richard J. Durbin United States Senator

Dear Senator Durbin
I’m glad and surprised to hear from your staff. Thank you very much for the invitation to continue the correspondence. I believe without a doubt that your intentions for our great Country are most honorable. If I might be so bold and comment on several aspects of the new regulations that you are proposing for our declining manufacturing, mining and oil production industries. The first comment is on “The global worming” theory suggested by some scientists and disputed by other scientists that dispute resulted in name changing to “Climate change.” If we seriously consider only that one fact we must give the theory a second look. Second comment is on the job creation that you are forecasting as a result of the new regulation, in the business, service jobs are called overhead. Third comment is on “Cap & Trade” that you refer to as the “American Power Act” you said that Senators Kerry and Lieberman proposed the legislation; you didn’t say how they came up with it, who actually wrote the concept. How about China, India and Russian Federation will they be paying the “Global Tax?” It is a global tax, isn’t it? And who would be controlling the clearing house for such a large trading institution?
And one more thing, The Constitution, Article. I. Section. 8. The Congress shall have Power… To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations …
I am going to assume it means to our favor, please correct me if I am wrong in any of my assumptions and please forgive me for my boldness.
Sincerely yours
American Voter

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Harvest Revised

We sure know how to use fancy and technical words like the “economy, market correction, economic down turn and so on!” Blaming the unions is my favorite! There wouldn’t be a middle class without the unions, try sending your kid to a college on a minimum wage! I like to ask about things that are not being regurgitated on the cable news.
Does anyone know how come the stock market lost half of it value on the end the last administration? Who changed the rules that encouraged the portfolio managers to pull the money out of the stock market? Which rules got changed? Who wrote the proposal to change the trading rules that allow the traders to scalp the market? People please; our money is being harvested like the honey. Don’t worry we will get some sugar water for the winter. Just don’t expect a lot of sugar in that water; we have already been accused of being too fat! Watch the Bee Movie and see what your children are learning about life. All our lives we been told the story of the Birds and the Bees, just nobody told us the story about the Bees, until now! Goodbye Republic hello State Capitalism and VAT!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

…and the Pursuit of Happiness…

Where in the Constitution is “Separation of Church and State”?

October 28, 2010
(The Witherspoon Institute) - Misleading talk of “separation of church and state” obscures the true meaning of the First Amendment.
This is a beautiful article; separation of state from church is something that is not being adequately talked about even in the conservative media! It is only being mentioned as a reference to things that we cannot do, like having a Cross on public land and Prayer in schools. If you would please, comment on the …and the Pursuit of Happiness… in Declaration of Independence. I have heard someone refer to Pursuit of Happiness as something simple like whatever it is for the individual. My impression is that it is a sin to be unhappy and generally unpleasant so our Founders included the Pursuit of Happiness in to the Declaration of Independence because they believed that the Pursuit of Happiness is a spiritual obligation and it was an important reason to be included in to our founding document. Did I learn this wrong? 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comment on: Tea Party Already Shapes '12 Race

The article discuses the view from the top, it is an impressive group of experts and well rounded potential candidates. From the bottom it looks somewhat different. In the neighborhoods where the voters live, we don’t care about all the complex analyses of party affiliations that the writer is talking about. It sounds good and it makes us feel important when we discuss it with friends. That is the only value for us.   Every one of the people that he has listed has one impressive portfolio I’m sure. The fact that they are Republicans or Decorates tea-party approved or not means nothing. The thing is that they also have many corporate sponsors, and before they come to us for votes they must convince the corporate board of directors and make promises to them first. Very specific promises that they must keep, that we care about! They come to us with big speeches and big promises, they know trough surveys and polls exactly what our concerns are. Maybe we could present them with a transcript of the campaign promises and have them sign it at the swearing in ceremonies and inaugurations! That would make the “Contract with Americans” legally binding. Every President and legislator did something for his corporate sponsors; all of those things remain there long after the president is gone out of the office. The programs the regulations the taxes the government employees the mandates the lows stay forever. The new administration gets new dishes and a new cook, the old one gets relocated or retired. The old china gets a new cabinet imported from China!
There are more people governing then there are governed. At this point, by the Grace of God the tea-party candidates will have a shot at the leadership, if they miss, the progressives will be reelected and they will stay in power until the next “Declaration of Independence!” The trade with China needs to stop; the outsourced jobs must come back home. If this midterm the Republicans regain the power and are able to revitalize manufacturing and the other industries and shrink the Government there is a good chance the our Constitution and way of live will remain the envy of the World! If not, it will be good by Republic and welcome State Capitalism and VAT!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Harvest

Our money is being harvested like the honey. Don’t worry we will get some sugar water for the winter. Just don’t expect a lot of sugar in that water; we have already been accused of being too fat! Watch the Bee Movie and see what your children are learning about life. All our lives we been told the story of the Birds and the Bees, just nobody told us the story about the Bees, until now! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Individual Rights

We are living in a society where every citizen have a right to earn more than he need to sustain life, to leave inheritance and to have a family business, this is only possible in the USA, please don’t take it for granted! At this point the government outgrew its citizens. I suspect that the number of employees working for, cities and municipalities, counties and state governments and all the federal agencies, too numerous to list exceeds 50% of working Americans. The Real-property is being consolidated. The equity and the principle from our investments are being misappropriated by our government.  I’m concerned that the very Feudalism that our Founders left behind is reacquiring in the conversation around the progressive movement that is plaguing the rest of the world. The World is progressing from a Feudal Social Structure where the real-estate is owned by governments, large landowners, corporations, and lately in the USA by Agricultural Concerns, towards Communism where everything and everybody will be under the government control. USA is the only country in the World that all individuals are allowed to hold real-estate and accumulate wealth.
Can we defend our homes, business and bank accounts? It was not that long ago that the family farms were going under, small factories was closing and the big box stores come on to the scene and trade with Communist China started. McCarthy is turning over in his grave. The problem that we are facing is new generations, new cultures and new world powers fighting to re-divide the World. At home there is a major migration of people from south and a new generation looking for redistribution of wealth. We are losing our jobs to third world, starving people willing to work for a dollar a day. Our homes are being foreclosed on. The greed of our business leaders is enormous. The living standards between east and the west are not comparable. How will we defend the Constitution to assure that individual rights and equal rights and right to own land and the right to accumulate wealth continue to be our USA the example to the World?

Pursuit of Happiness is a religious obligation

Pursuit of Happiness, as it says in the declaration of independence refers to religious obligation, and not to some abstract state of giddiness! I believe that the constitution accurately addressed human concerns. The Supreme Court interpreted the separation of church and state as a mutual separation and that is not a good principle for creating a government, you leave me alone and I won’t bather either. The reason for the creation of the Supreme Court was for our elders to hold our traditions sacred and to accept the obligation to understand the intent of our Founders. I believe that our Founder promised two things in the subject of separation of State from Church. First promise was that they will behold Christian principals and the second promise was that they will not meddle into the Church business. That is all, the other stuff we made up as it suited us. It is up to us to defend the Constitution and to assure that few hundred years in the future the history books don’t refer to us as a failed experiment and a utopia. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Comment to:

THE ECONOMY (2):  Business Leaders Make It Clear The Administration Still Doesn’t Understand The Private Sector

Politicians and the President, tell us whatever they think we need to know, there are polls being conducted 24/7. The President knows exactly how many people he can convince to agree with him. It is presumptuous to say that the President doesn’t understand the way that business is conducted. The President is the Sheppard he is turning the flock in a different direction, the dogs are barking at the donkey in front to make him turn to desired direction. The sheep, in the flock, see the green grass to the right, but the Sheppard thinks differently, he needs them to turn left. So the grass on the right is kept for the slower, not so capable, just because you got to it first you think it is yours, think again my friend. You made a better mouse trap but I got the communist make it cheaper, so there!        

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You could have introduced yourself?
Basic industry, the small business is when we cut a tree down, split it into planks and build a wagon out of it! Remember some time back, couple of decades ago or so when the business was consolidating, when the family farms were going under and small shops ware closing. That is when the big-box stores started to import from the third world country. That is when this started. I started when we validated the self-righteous union tags. That is when union contract negotiations went beyond a living wage and job security. That is when we excused that the clotting on our backs was made in sweat shops. Never the les if a business has a right to incorporate, workers should have a right to a living wage and to organize. There need to be a balance in the nature, a mosquito is as important as a whale.        
Yes, all of that is a problem, labor coast, regulations and taxes. That is a point of view of a businessman. I am not blaming the businessman; I am saying that our lawmakers and legislator failed to regulate commerce with foreign Nations to our favor.
It says in the Constitution of the United States, Section 8. The Congress shall have the POWER….…To regulate commerce with foreign Nations…
I believe that the Congress have regulated the commerce in favor of the foreign Nations, by allowing the massive exportation of jobs and that maybe criminal.

Don’t worry too much about other countries and the tax on the businesses over there. The world is being run by politicians for politicians and they love socialism they get to elect themselves! Don’t worry, value added tax is coming soon to the store near you. That is how politicians make money abroad. Funny how we don’t hear much about how politicians live around the world, do you think that they are poor in the third world countries?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let’s bake a Pie
I like to ask of this President and the upcoming Congress to please start bringing back the basics industry. There is no other reason than greed to import toys, T shirts, clotting, furniture, car parts, sports and Official US memorabilia etc. Your argument that the Union wages and benefits are unsustainable does not hold true. Maybe somewhat in the case of the federal and state employees even all that money is being spend in the imitate community. We have exported the basics jobs. This is like taking the mosquito out of the food chain and then to ask where did all the birds go? Government jobs are a drain on the Country. Building a road make sense only if there is a Farm, Forest and a Mine on one end and a bunch of factories on the other end, only then there is a reason to build new homes, schools, hotels and stores. I’m very much concerned that blaming any one administration is getting us divided. Everybody has taken a bite out of the proverbial pie and none have baked one.

Replay to billyjoe

I totally have faith in people, simple is the best. Once elected politicians suddenly forget the promises they made during the election, and they make lows to protect themselves, there need to be some way to keep them in check. We are being polled and categorized into demographics they know exactly what to say and to whom to get elected. There need to be a Referendum that evaluates the politicians and gives the voters the opportunity to recall the ones that are not fulfilling the promises they made. The midterm election is a perfect time for that   “The Contract with Americans” needs to be legally binding. Throwing the Governor’s office under the buss isn’t enough.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Carbon foot print of the World Military

Discovery of the steam engine made the windmill absolute, the wind is not a reliable source of energy. Next in secession is nuclear energy. We should have 100% of the power grid nuclear by now. Don’t try to get green on my dime. The controversy about oil, cars, global warming, etc, is being suggested to us. There is no whey that you can convince me that the carbon foot print of wage earners and consumers of the world comes anywhere near the carbon footprint of the industrial machine. The amount of fuel that one passenger airplane uses up in one flight is a lot more than an individual need for years of driving to and from work. Consumption creates commerce that is the reason people build a factory and a mall. It is fun to drive 40 miles to the shopping mall. I just don’t know was that a Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Socialist or a Communist (it was most likely a speculator) that destroyed the neighborhood shops by building the mall outside the city and then sold us a car so we buy gas that creates pollution that causes global warming. So we pay taxes on everything including the air we breathe.   
Stop taxing us, start creating value. Only thing left to tax is the air that we breathe. Stop bickering and fighting, stop instigating your people. Stop trying to convince more people than the other guy of circular reason, it doesn’t end for either of you, it goes around and around there is no end to it. You are both right. People please stop trying to be always right. You told us that you are smart and that you like to spend money on war games to show the other guy how things are done. Guess what, the other guy is trying to do the same. Stop depleting our resources. It is not the plastic water bottles it is your greed. Stop blaming us for consuming too much; you are the one that build the mall outside the city.  According to the Constitution the government has a right to lay and collect taxes. I am saying over here is that the government is doing things for its own sake and that is wrong. People created the government. The government didn’t create its people, it doesn’t create anything it consume everything. When a person exists for its own sake he is a burden on the society. When a business consumes its profits it closes its doors. When a government exists for its own sake it collapses. Stop the wars orotund the World! That is the only thing that will stop the global warming, poverty, misery and the economic depression. Problem is that then politicians would have nothing to talk about.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Persistence' is the theory behind Do-Not-Track shout-out in Rush bill
Well, to completely opt out you will need to give all your information to some government agency that will monitor your activities. There goes 100% of your privacy. Personally I prefer that Amazon knows my preference; so they send me advertisements that I’m interested in. Federal Government? Not so much!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dear Progressive Jeff

Single payer system sounds good to low income people and the needy. In reality it is a carrot on a stick. Your contact at the Clinic will be the NURSE; she will decide if the doctor needs to see you, unless you are able to tip or you are an important person a politician or something. Remember the service at the Post Office, some time back. Americans only think that they know what profiling and discrimination means. Older African-Americans and Jewish people excluded.  The whole World is some progression of Feudalism and heredity. Those on top get everything. Before the United State Constitution a republic was a utopia.  Our Country is the only Republic that succeeded, let’s keep it!       

Option to write a politician out the Office

A proposal to the election commission and a task for the upcoming session of Congress: Pl. add a write out of the office line to the ballot. That would assure that all of the politicians will be nice to us at least one week before every election. That would have them think twice before forgetting the promises they made during the campaign.

Bickering about money

There is a whole lot of money being pumped in to the economy it should be every ware, and yet most all the politicians and the media commentators are screaming that we are going to hell in a hand basket. Money is like energy it doesn’t disappear it transforms, so somebody must be capturing it and holding it somewhere. Few months ago there was talk in the news about a list of people with accounts in foreign    banks. What happened with that subject, did it disappear with the money? Some of them made a deal with somebody. They couldn’t have made a deal with everybody. How much money is being held in foreign banks? Who are these people? How many of them are politicians? Who is regulating and watching the National Chamber of Commerce? Are we only talking about things that we are being given talking points to?

Nobody believes that the things will collapse until things collapse

In order to have stability in the precious metals market, there is an agreement between Nations, on how much gold is being released, annually in to the open market, some nations like to cheat; I suspect that China has more gold then the rest of the world. If a Nation would suddenly dump a large quantity of gold it could create a major hick up in the precious metals market. Price of gold verses the purchasing value of it could get tricky. Under normal circumstances when the demand is not fear driven you could get a fat pig for a price of a ten Franks. If you kept your ten Franks for few years or you went an a vacation to a foreign land you will still get a fat pig for ten Franks, even that there was some inflation or exchange rate difference. That when is said that, gold have intrinsic value. In a fear driven market things get somewhat complicated. The gold that you holding, might be selling for a fifty percent loss with the oversupply. We tend to forget the commissions, coming and going. The good news is that most probably, so far, you can get a fat pig for price of ten franks, just don’t forget the commission coming and going and the taxes. Maybe you can look it up and then comment on the subject. A major player has inside scup so he has an upper hand and the infrastructure to bypass the commissions and the taxes, an individual don’t. If the monetary system collapses only coins and precious metals will retain some purchasing value. Thing is that nobody believes that the things will collapse until things collapse. Then again, past performance is not a guaranty for the future performance.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Letter to NRSC Chairman John Cornyn

Wednesday, October 06, 2010
Dear Mr. Cornyn
The letter you have sent me, dated “Wednesday morning”, requesting “an immediate contribution” was pushy at minimum and it does not mention the phone conversation I had with your staff volunteer, which I hope was a volunteer and not a commission earning solicitor? Please, assure me that you are using volunteers in our efforts to make a positive difference in our Government.
The reason our economy is stagnated, amongst other things, is that we have regulated ourselves out of business and have embraced Chinese communism. There is no way that only one administration is responsible for the present situation that we are in. Every administration took a bite out of the proverbial pie and none have baked one. So please tell us how will things change, under Republican Administration, which industries will return? Or it’s goodbye apple pie and Chevrolet and hello State Capitalism! Hello “value added tax!” Catchy isn’t it?
This letter is in no way an endorsement of the Obama-administration.
Sincerely yours, Zoltan Varga

Monday, October 4, 2010


It is comical how politicians tell on each other. The popular way to call it is “mud slinging”; I like to suggest that they are telling on each other, all the other things that come out of their mouth is empty promises and lies.  
The very same people, our employers that are complaining about our wages are the same people that are marketing expensive imported products to us and making up seen profits. The very same politicians that are creating the controversy around how much tax is enough and how to spend it are the same politicians that are passing legislations and regulations that allow and forces exportation of industries, jobs and raw materials, like soy, corn, cotton, etc. There are fewer workers creating value, government jobs are not creating anything, they are depleting our resources. Only thing left to tax is the air we breathe. We are making communist China rich.
There are two classes in China, workers and politicians, politicians elect each other. It isn’t ease to go through the ranks of the communist party; it’s wary much like the old feudalism, hereditary and hierarchal. Workers are highly celebrated and paid according to their needs to barely sustain life! Politicians live a lavish lifestyle; the richest man in China is a politician, he is the one that decides how many workers needed to be educated to satisfy the needs of the country. The politician decides   whose needs are what. Chinese don’t keep score the way we do. Workers in China are told that everything belongs to the people. Of course they are being lied to.  Recently our philanthropist was told by the “richest” man in China that it is wrong to hide your money in charity, that the biggest charity is supporting the workers. He is telling the Chinese people that he is only using the riches to make business with the imperialist foreignness to help and to protect China’s people; he is actually sacrificing his dignity.
There is no way that only one administration is responsible for the mess that that we are in. Every single Administration took a bite out of the pie. None have baked one, the last two Administrations barrowed few from the communist, the filling is the sweat of oppressed people; the very same communist that are considering us their enemies. Every single Congress has passed a regulation or a hundred, and there were quite a few sessions of the Congress since The First Congress.
We have clearly regulated ourselves out of business, but do not worry, communist in China have starved out their people enough, and they are willing to work for a cup of rice. In our case will be a “pint and a crust.”
   Look out for “value added tax”. Catchy isn’t it.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I’m proud to say that I have learned something important the other day from a Rabi that I like to share with you.
Mankind’s trials and tribulations started with the Exodus and that everybody have a personal Egypt (whatever that might be, for the Adam and Eve was the Forbidden Fruit) that they are trying to exit from. The key is to indentify your Egypt and chose to give it up. On the way to your Promise Land you can count on our Lord and Sevier Jesus Christ and the Bible will come alive for you. Don’t be afraid my friend, take the leap.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It’s The Eagle Mr. Beck

Listening to your program (“making of a revolutionary” I made this up) I heard you say that you didn’t see how is possible to be “apple pie and Chevrolet” and a socialist revolutionary and how come that people are not seeing it coming. For the first generation of instigators I believe that is possible because that they already have a generous slice of the pie that they are not willing to share; the rest of us believe just about anything. “Are you ready for change America?” Head me running to the wonting booth, I actually promised my friends, that if Obama gets elected I will give up being a cynic. It didn’t happen. UAW workers believed when  President Reagan said “I will get all the welfare queens and their Cadillac’s” the poor bigots actually thought that Mr. Reagan was talking about black people on welfare and not about the very people in front of him, the UAW. When he got elected he nearly destroyed the auto industry in Michigan.
 It’s the second and third generation that will have an issue with “from everybody according to his ability”. Look at the post WWII exodus from Eastern Europe. When the central planning of education started the laborers were celebrated at the same time education was emphasized, big time oxymoron. “Hawing connections” was the goal in life, corruption the way of life and the glass ceiling was thick.
Wake up America!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New World Order

 In preparing ourselves to defend the Republic from the New Socialist Revolution we need to distinguish the socialist in our Society.  
The socialist of the first generation are the do-gooders that are trying to make way for themselves in the society. They are generally semi-intelligent people that could not make it to the next level in the field that they are in; obvious examples are: Shall Remain Nameless  . Shall didn’t quite make it to the top in the main stream politics. Nameless is not accepted in the old money elite, he is desperately trying to be counted. They followers are of the same clot, well of parents, with to-much time on the hands with a good education, same as they leaders, desperately trying to be counted, but the fact that they cannot foresee the outcome of the actions that they engage in is most dangers. Do not fear smart people; fear the ones that are semi-intelligent because of, that they are self-righteous. They will burn you, they parents and everything in front of them just to prove that they are right. The damage to the society is enormous; there is a lot of money, made trough speculation and trickery or simply inherited from hard working parents, being spent on that propaganda. Needing to be right is a psychological problem that consumes the society and its people. I propose that we have them re-educated in North Korea, I’m sure that after they see and feel on they skin how people live under a communist dictatorship that they will reconsider.  
The word in the media is that once again one of them made it; He is on the top fighting to “re-divide the World” once again, I wonder what the New World Order will look like this time, how many people will expire?
Sorry, I meant to say “redistribution of wealth.”

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

State Capitalism is a code for Socialism

Communal society is the first society. From the tree to the cave it was “Matriarchal” from the first villages to pre industrial Feudalism was “Patriarchal.” The individual was always expendable, the slowest was eaten.  Forming of village changed the power structure in the tribe; the men put themselves in front. The leaders identified themselves, most likely by, fighting it out. We are still fighting, no longer over goats, now we are fighting over money because that is how we keep score. The transition from the first village to the first kingdom, I’m sure it took some time. There are still aborigine tribes that are not organized. Our First Nation, the Native Americans are still straggling to organize.
 Innovation, colonization, exploration, industrialization and paper money continually changed the power balance in the world.
Now we have UN, global economy, gender equality and are talking about Global Governance.
The wars are raging around the world just like always, nations are arming themselves and threatening to harm each other just like always, the poor are being instigated to revolt against their master for a promise of a new and improved master just like always. Only here in the US freedom exists we need to protect it.
The Left, is pushing for Socialism and the Right, for the Republic; we will not let the Left confuse the situation by making up new words like “State Capitalism,” to gain control over the means of production, we already saw how little it took to take control over banks.    
The one thing that was created truly a new, Our Republic, the only document that allows for personal freedom the US Constitution is being proclaimed outdated. We cannot forget that the US Constitution is an all inclusive document that allows for personal freedom, the socialism does not. It also allows for the impeachment of Government officials. That is our tool at the bolt box. No more working for the special interest, no more exporting of row materials, no more leasing of government land to foreign companies for pennies stop the speculators from profiting of the tax payers. We cannot let ourselves be depended on the government. We cannot allow the government to deprive us of our private lives. We need to clearly distinguish social programs from socialism. In socialism is always about the collective, it is not like we like to say “I’m a team player” the individual is expendable, just like in prehistoric time. We should call the left “digressive” not progressive.                  
Who, which country, who’s ideology will we fallow? George Washington and the US Constitution or, you tell me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Speculators

Redistribution of wealth was newer meant for the poor. The media was poking at President Bush, for the refunds he was giving, saying the poor are getting a muffler and the rich a car. To poke at President Obama, the rich in His group will get a new hart and the poor a dental check up.
Redistribution actually means shifting the wealth from one group to another. Only thing is that media is trying to be politically correct, and it didn’t distinguish the two groups for us. With all the economist writing a petition, in fear of a duple deep recession, yes it will happen, but only to one group. Money changes hands, it is like energy it transforms, does not disappear it changes form.
When a group of leaders is writing regulation it is to the benefit of the class they represent, be assured it is never the poor. A prominent writer once said “…if we stop poverty, politicians would have nothing to talk about…” There are poverty programs showing pictures of the poor in the ghetto asking us to help to send money, newer do they show the rich arranging and licensing the photo shoot.
This is what I am leading up to, the two groups of rich, the upstanding entrepreneur acquiring wealth by the sweat of his brow, and the speculator skirting the Low. Exposing these groups would make a big deference; we should no longer tolerate people looking to make money trough speculation. At one point when the stock markets and commodity exchanges opened, it was grate, it assured uniform praising and financing of the products and made investment available to industry.
The simplest of investments, the retirement funds are being skimmed off. Coming into the market like clockwork, trough payroll deduction and matching funds, every pay period. The speculators are watching that, “fresh cash" closely.
So, you mouthy commentators, in the media, please start taking names. Don’t tell me to bake a pie, look at the prices of ingredients; it is twice the price of already baked pie, made by minimum wage workers with no benefits employed at will in food factories.
Let’s talk about deal making and organizing, for real, not like some overpriced half baked seminar speculating on the naïve and the needy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Standing Upright in Righteousness

With all the controversies about Faith and Religion this could be a good time for the outspoken religious people to come together and look at the name calling that is going on. Colorful epithets are a big part of the issue. Calling someone an Infidel, Bigot, Nazi or a Heretic does not forward the conversation. Burning Flags, Effigies, Religious Books does not help it only entices. Insisting on political correctness does not help either. Better way would be giving up some of the Self–righteousness and revising the idea of Religious Cleanliness. Primary part of the conversation need to be the distinction between Self-righteousness and Religious-righteousness! Let it be so.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Answer to “legalbear”

Because we like to interact with each other, interaction with another human is life changing, every time you make a contact with someone you are one friend richer. I hope that answers your question and thank you for giving me an opportunity to be a smart ass.


I heard it through the grapevine today. The conversation was about weaknesses, so the person asked what is the Achilles’ heel of USA. “Political correctness!” Was the answer.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A task for the coming session of Congress

Balance the import / export ratio. We are exporting row materials and importing finished product. We are exporting our jobs because the corporations don’t want to pay a living wage. Government is absorbing the unemployed and in turn raising taxes and printing money, it is a wishes circle. The Government is the largest employer but it isn’t producing anything yet consumes more and more! We have more Drones then Workers in the Hive! Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen of our new and improved Congress, from the bottom of my hart!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Conversation about taxes, need to shift from collecting to spending. Continuing not to worry about misappropriation is impending the well being of our Republic. Some of the commentators in the popular media suggested that maybe a problem. The obscene amount of money is being collected and no senator or a representative could be accountable individually. Every so often somebody brings it up, like the bridge to nowhere to embers somebody. The problem is much larger than that. Things that are there for long time need to be looked at. A ledger going back at least fifty years could be balanced like a personal check book. Somebody have signed for every penny of the appropriation those signatories need to testify to: Who initiate the programs and how long ago, from farm subsidies to education and research grants.

That could be possible only if our lowmakers suddenly got remorse and confessed to all the free lunches with the lobbyist, or We the People make the Contract with America legally banding. Maybe somebody have an idea how could that be possible, or just pay your taxes and be thankful that you can. Once the bully got you he will not let you go until you have something to give.


“The Contract with America,” to bad it is not legally binding!