Thursday, December 29, 2011

Natural resources

We so like to talk about property rights when we should really talk about a right to property. Right to property to build a home is available to everybody if you have money to purchase it. Leased government land is a question.  We so like to talk about imports when we should be really talk about exportation of our natural resources. People please, we subsidies mining, farming and our national forests and then export the timber, ore and grain. Somebody is making a lot of money on both ends. In the news lately, the talk is of our low makers and legislator that are the riches in our nation, this is plain wrong, insiders trading has gone awry.    

Monday, August 1, 2011

My pledge to America

Newer again, will I vote for an incumbent politician, even if that is my son running for reelection! Our government is pillaging our savings, home equity and retirement funds, selling of our natural resources, coal, timber and ore. Nobody else will tell you this and you wouldn’t believe it anyway, even if you believe it you can’t do anything about it.
Good luck. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Letter to Mr. Campbell

Mr. Campbell, I am not trying to indorse collective bargeman for the government employees, I believe it like you that it is a conflict of interest; after all it is our money. What I was pointing out is that our passions are being taken advantage of. The problem that I see is that the politician are wheeling and dealing behind closed doors. I wouldn’t like to live in 100% union country like communism anymore then a 100% non-union country like some type of a dictatorship. Ours is an all-inclusive Nation.
The struggle started long time ago with the British. In the beginning of the industrial era, the Brits needed labor in the factories so the lords simply chased the people of the land, they didn’t need them anymore they head equipment on the farms. The labor movement started with the Paupers, that what the Brits called the marginalized unemployed wandering the country side. Most of them ended up in the cities and found work in the new textile industry, working for a “pint and a crust.” The children slept in the beds that never cooled, they took turns one slept and the others worked. We cannot under any circumstances try to prevent collective bargaining on any level; we need to support it with all we have.       
The relationship between the politicians the labor leaders and the leaders of our industry are largely unchecked, if left unchecked the best of us tends to stray. Here we are now talking about and taking sides on the talking points that we have been given.
Our politicians are fighting over money like an old couple. “Yes we can say that the money is short because you are spending too much and we can also say that I am not making enough,” which is right? Probably both of us are right.
Article one; section eight of our Constitution gives the Congress all the powers to regulate, amongst other things; …To regulate commerce with foreign Nations…  Nowhere does it say to whose favor. We need to demand Patriotism of our elected officials, during campaigning they leave us with the impression that they are in it for us, we have no way to hold them to that.
 The Contract with Americans needs to be legally binding. Maybe we can present them with the transcript of the campaign promises they made to sign before the swearing in ceremony. And yes, we all could put in few hours of owe time.
New talking point: How can we make more and spend less.      

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Comment to WSJ article “Billions of Bloat Uncovered in Beltway”

 People please what you are planning on telling to the senators and the congressmen that worked hard on those programs and made deals to bring federal money to their districts. How would you feel if someone repealed your pet project? You do not actually believe that our elected officials gave up their votes for nothing. You know all the projects that we submit to prospective candidates when we agree to support them. Before a bill is presented to the Speaker, the senators and the congressmen make deals; if you need my vote include my project. I will not be happy with my representative if our project isn’t pined to the next bill. How about all the unemployed relatives and relatives of supporters, unemployment would jump at least 5%. We should not be going around and repealing stuff before we consider all the consequences.
This article is blipping golden.            

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Government and its People

I don’t think that we should be minimizing a huge problem; there is a major conflict between the government and its people. There is nothing wrong with collective bargaining; problem is that the politicians are making deals using our money. Politicians are effectively buying political support through advertising and fund raising, making bigger promises then the donations solicited, there seems to be a thin line between buying votes or political support in the case of the government employee unions.
Much as I like to sympathies with the government employee unions, without the trade unions a living wage and job security would be scarce, they are getting paid with our money. The way it looks, the situation went too far to the left. The union leaders and the politicians are in cahoots with each other. Public employee unions are a conflict of interest for the rest of us. Politicians are promising benefits to union members, writing regulations and signing contracts. Not so good!
Our political lobby, what does that even mean? When a politician proposes legislation is that "I am just listening to my constituents" or there might be a lobbyist involved, working on behalf of an influential organization? There is definitively a bunch of large lobby firms doing the backseat driving, that we the People know very little about. For anything to change for the wage earners we need to ask, our labor is no longer good enough, do we have to be milked now for our savings, benefits and the equity in our property? This sounds cynical bath there is hardly another way to explain how come that most everything that is in our retail stores is imported, because of that our people are unemployed and there is no money in state coffers. There just aren’t enough workers working to support the state and the federal Government so the politicians and the corporate bosses are catting benefits and raising taxes. Now all of a sudden there isn't enough money to pay the teachers so we are blaming the unions and collective bargaining. Why not blame the politicians, why are we not picking on, let’s say the diplomatic core. If a company has a right to incorporate the labor should have a right to organize. To fix this we need to fallow the money, it’s easy to see who is getting paid and by whom. Like Bernie Madoff said, all the checks went through the bank; didn’t they know how to count? The staff around the politicians needs to tell on their bosses and stop enabling them. The people around the world and at home are trying to reform their Governments, what needs reforming is the way we access the Government, for that we need the politicians to tell on themselves.
Just how big is our government? When will the bubble burst? Does anybody remember the sixties? If I remember correctly the law enforcement wasn’t all that sympathetic toward the protesters. You are not going to catch me demonstrating.
All those democrats leaving Wisconsin together could be easily interpreted as conspiracy?   

Friday, January 14, 2011

Is the Glenn Beck program turning the corner?

Is the Glenn Beck program turning the corner?
 We are Americans and ours is best. Mr. Beck if you can please look at the preceding statement and see how we can fit it into today’s program. Education is definitively important; the thing that wasn’t mentioned is that for every engineer we need a bunch of technicians and for each technician a whole lot of workers. Not all of us need to be engineers but all of us need the access to the knowledge. The conversation about China was one sided, it was from a point of view of a profiteer and a speculator. “Who cares what color is the cat longest it catches mice,” very profound, “Massachusetts is more communist then China” If you are still wandering who sold out our America, don’t, you had them on the program today. There are six factor in the economic growth you mentioned only five; your guest alluded to the sixth, all but admitted to it, buying political power. I apologize for my cynicism but did anybody talk to the marginalized and disenfranchised Chinese worker before your genius friends come on to your program? You Glenn have mentioned central planning, do you know at what point does central planning starts for the individual? If you like to know that please replay. We are talking about person, individuals, not the collective, are we?               

Friday, January 7, 2011

112 Congress

This new millennium is the beginning of The Dark Ages in western politics. We are desperately trying to stop and prevent the corruption of our financial markets. This unrelenting attempt of the greedy upper class and the politicians to feel safe and to stay in control of the money flow translates into We the People the middle class to lose our freedom. Little by little our playground is shrinking. From being talked out of a greasy cheeseburger, for fear of heart disease to having to give up the water bottle at the airport. There are wars and conflicts over natural resources around the world. The security is tight everywhere, there seems to be more government and municipal employees then there are private sector workers. Our America use to be called, the bread basket of the world, we have build the industry of the world, what happened? Who is it to be blamed?
The way that tobacco has build the early industry and later jeopardized our health, the same way the Wall Street has helped the growth of the economy and now is ruining the financial sector. It is so obvious and yet nobody is talking about the Wall Street in any specific terms. Who are the bee keepers, if there is a middle class there must be a lower and upper class to? The thing is that the talking points are given by the leaders and that by default is the upper class. There is much hope for the new Congress, talking heads in the popular media said so. The one thing that nobody is talking about is the last harvest. The one that happened at the end of the last administration, does anybody remember, what happened to the stock market? Instead, with the new Congress there is talk about planting seeds, about hard work and sacrifice, don’t kid yourselves my honey bees there will be a harvest again. Just as soon that there is some equity in our homes and some growth in our portfolios. The thing that we need to know is that “We the People” will be the ones that are being harvested again and again so please stash some honey, don’t let the bears find it. Remember that we have two basic freedoms, to produce and to consume, try not to consume everything. The Wall Street and the investment bankers are the bee keepers, it has very little to do with the administration being democrat or republican, drones are in charge of the bee hive. Don’t worry we’ll get some sugar water to get us through the winter, hopefully the spring will be early this year.