Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Letter to Mr. Campbell

Mr. Campbell, I am not trying to indorse collective bargeman for the government employees, I believe it like you that it is a conflict of interest; after all it is our money. What I was pointing out is that our passions are being taken advantage of. The problem that I see is that the politician are wheeling and dealing behind closed doors. I wouldn’t like to live in 100% union country like communism anymore then a 100% non-union country like some type of a dictatorship. Ours is an all-inclusive Nation.
The struggle started long time ago with the British. In the beginning of the industrial era, the Brits needed labor in the factories so the lords simply chased the people of the land, they didn’t need them anymore they head equipment on the farms. The labor movement started with the Paupers, that what the Brits called the marginalized unemployed wandering the country side. Most of them ended up in the cities and found work in the new textile industry, working for a “pint and a crust.” The children slept in the beds that never cooled, they took turns one slept and the others worked. We cannot under any circumstances try to prevent collective bargaining on any level; we need to support it with all we have.       
The relationship between the politicians the labor leaders and the leaders of our industry are largely unchecked, if left unchecked the best of us tends to stray. Here we are now talking about and taking sides on the talking points that we have been given.
Our politicians are fighting over money like an old couple. “Yes we can say that the money is short because you are spending too much and we can also say that I am not making enough,” which is right? Probably both of us are right.
Article one; section eight of our Constitution gives the Congress all the powers to regulate, amongst other things; …To regulate commerce with foreign Nations…  Nowhere does it say to whose favor. We need to demand Patriotism of our elected officials, during campaigning they leave us with the impression that they are in it for us, we have no way to hold them to that.
 The Contract with Americans needs to be legally binding. Maybe we can present them with the transcript of the campaign promises they made to sign before the swearing in ceremony. And yes, we all could put in few hours of owe time.
New talking point: How can we make more and spend less.      

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