Friday, October 15, 2010

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THE ECONOMY (2):  Business Leaders Make It Clear The Administration Still Doesn’t Understand The Private Sector

Politicians and the President, tell us whatever they think we need to know, there are polls being conducted 24/7. The President knows exactly how many people he can convince to agree with him. It is presumptuous to say that the President doesn’t understand the way that business is conducted. The President is the Sheppard he is turning the flock in a different direction, the dogs are barking at the donkey in front to make him turn to desired direction. The sheep, in the flock, see the green grass to the right, but the Sheppard thinks differently, he needs them to turn left. So the grass on the right is kept for the slower, not so capable, just because you got to it first you think it is yours, think again my friend. You made a better mouse trap but I got the communist make it cheaper, so there!        

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