Thursday, October 14, 2010

You could have introduced yourself?
Basic industry, the small business is when we cut a tree down, split it into planks and build a wagon out of it! Remember some time back, couple of decades ago or so when the business was consolidating, when the family farms were going under and small shops ware closing. That is when the big-box stores started to import from the third world country. That is when this started. I started when we validated the self-righteous union tags. That is when union contract negotiations went beyond a living wage and job security. That is when we excused that the clotting on our backs was made in sweat shops. Never the les if a business has a right to incorporate, workers should have a right to a living wage and to organize. There need to be a balance in the nature, a mosquito is as important as a whale.        
Yes, all of that is a problem, labor coast, regulations and taxes. That is a point of view of a businessman. I am not blaming the businessman; I am saying that our lawmakers and legislator failed to regulate commerce with foreign Nations to our favor.
It says in the Constitution of the United States, Section 8. The Congress shall have the POWER….…To regulate commerce with foreign Nations…
I believe that the Congress have regulated the commerce in favor of the foreign Nations, by allowing the massive exportation of jobs and that maybe criminal.

Don’t worry too much about other countries and the tax on the businesses over there. The world is being run by politicians for politicians and they love socialism they get to elect themselves! Don’t worry, value added tax is coming soon to the store near you. That is how politicians make money abroad. Funny how we don’t hear much about how politicians live around the world, do you think that they are poor in the third world countries?

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