Sunday, October 10, 2010

Carbon foot print of the World Military

Discovery of the steam engine made the windmill absolute, the wind is not a reliable source of energy. Next in secession is nuclear energy. We should have 100% of the power grid nuclear by now. Don’t try to get green on my dime. The controversy about oil, cars, global warming, etc, is being suggested to us. There is no whey that you can convince me that the carbon foot print of wage earners and consumers of the world comes anywhere near the carbon footprint of the industrial machine. The amount of fuel that one passenger airplane uses up in one flight is a lot more than an individual need for years of driving to and from work. Consumption creates commerce that is the reason people build a factory and a mall. It is fun to drive 40 miles to the shopping mall. I just don’t know was that a Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Socialist or a Communist (it was most likely a speculator) that destroyed the neighborhood shops by building the mall outside the city and then sold us a car so we buy gas that creates pollution that causes global warming. So we pay taxes on everything including the air we breathe.   
Stop taxing us, start creating value. Only thing left to tax is the air that we breathe. Stop bickering and fighting, stop instigating your people. Stop trying to convince more people than the other guy of circular reason, it doesn’t end for either of you, it goes around and around there is no end to it. You are both right. People please stop trying to be always right. You told us that you are smart and that you like to spend money on war games to show the other guy how things are done. Guess what, the other guy is trying to do the same. Stop depleting our resources. It is not the plastic water bottles it is your greed. Stop blaming us for consuming too much; you are the one that build the mall outside the city.  According to the Constitution the government has a right to lay and collect taxes. I am saying over here is that the government is doing things for its own sake and that is wrong. People created the government. The government didn’t create its people, it doesn’t create anything it consume everything. When a person exists for its own sake he is a burden on the society. When a business consumes its profits it closes its doors. When a government exists for its own sake it collapses. Stop the wars orotund the World! That is the only thing that will stop the global warming, poverty, misery and the economic depression. Problem is that then politicians would have nothing to talk about.

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