Monday, October 4, 2010


It is comical how politicians tell on each other. The popular way to call it is “mud slinging”; I like to suggest that they are telling on each other, all the other things that come out of their mouth is empty promises and lies.  
The very same people, our employers that are complaining about our wages are the same people that are marketing expensive imported products to us and making up seen profits. The very same politicians that are creating the controversy around how much tax is enough and how to spend it are the same politicians that are passing legislations and regulations that allow and forces exportation of industries, jobs and raw materials, like soy, corn, cotton, etc. There are fewer workers creating value, government jobs are not creating anything, they are depleting our resources. Only thing left to tax is the air we breathe. We are making communist China rich.
There are two classes in China, workers and politicians, politicians elect each other. It isn’t ease to go through the ranks of the communist party; it’s wary much like the old feudalism, hereditary and hierarchal. Workers are highly celebrated and paid according to their needs to barely sustain life! Politicians live a lavish lifestyle; the richest man in China is a politician, he is the one that decides how many workers needed to be educated to satisfy the needs of the country. The politician decides   whose needs are what. Chinese don’t keep score the way we do. Workers in China are told that everything belongs to the people. Of course they are being lied to.  Recently our philanthropist was told by the “richest” man in China that it is wrong to hide your money in charity, that the biggest charity is supporting the workers. He is telling the Chinese people that he is only using the riches to make business with the imperialist foreignness to help and to protect China’s people; he is actually sacrificing his dignity.
There is no way that only one administration is responsible for the mess that that we are in. Every single Administration took a bite out of the pie. None have baked one, the last two Administrations barrowed few from the communist, the filling is the sweat of oppressed people; the very same communist that are considering us their enemies. Every single Congress has passed a regulation or a hundred, and there were quite a few sessions of the Congress since The First Congress.
We have clearly regulated ourselves out of business, but do not worry, communist in China have starved out their people enough, and they are willing to work for a cup of rice. In our case will be a “pint and a crust.”
   Look out for “value added tax”. Catchy isn’t it.

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