Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let’s bake a Pie
I like to ask of this President and the upcoming Congress to please start bringing back the basics industry. There is no other reason than greed to import toys, T shirts, clotting, furniture, car parts, sports and Official US memorabilia etc. Your argument that the Union wages and benefits are unsustainable does not hold true. Maybe somewhat in the case of the federal and state employees even all that money is being spend in the imitate community. We have exported the basics jobs. This is like taking the mosquito out of the food chain and then to ask where did all the birds go? Government jobs are a drain on the Country. Building a road make sense only if there is a Farm, Forest and a Mine on one end and a bunch of factories on the other end, only then there is a reason to build new homes, schools, hotels and stores. I’m very much concerned that blaming any one administration is getting us divided. Everybody has taken a bite out of the proverbial pie and none have baked one.


  1. You are absolutely correct! With the rise of a false economy driven by technology, our country has forgotten how to create things. Even if there was a concerted effort to create small, near profitable manufacturing firms, over time, things would have to get better.

    I,for one, am making a pie(or several dozen)

  2. @jamiekurtz Thanks for the positive comment. I have posted it to and got a good talking to.