Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pursuit of Happiness is a religious obligation

Pursuit of Happiness, as it says in the declaration of independence refers to religious obligation, and not to some abstract state of giddiness! I believe that the constitution accurately addressed human concerns. The Supreme Court interpreted the separation of church and state as a mutual separation and that is not a good principle for creating a government, you leave me alone and I won’t bather either. The reason for the creation of the Supreme Court was for our elders to hold our traditions sacred and to accept the obligation to understand the intent of our Founders. I believe that our Founder promised two things in the subject of separation of State from Church. First promise was that they will behold Christian principals and the second promise was that they will not meddle into the Church business. That is all, the other stuff we made up as it suited us. It is up to us to defend the Constitution and to assure that few hundred years in the future the history books don’t refer to us as a failed experiment and a utopia. 

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