Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Harvest Revised

We sure know how to use fancy and technical words like the “economy, market correction, economic down turn and so on!” Blaming the unions is my favorite! There wouldn’t be a middle class without the unions, try sending your kid to a college on a minimum wage! I like to ask about things that are not being regurgitated on the cable news.
Does anyone know how come the stock market lost half of it value on the end the last administration? Who changed the rules that encouraged the portfolio managers to pull the money out of the stock market? Which rules got changed? Who wrote the proposal to change the trading rules that allow the traders to scalp the market? People please; our money is being harvested like the honey. Don’t worry we will get some sugar water for the winter. Just don’t expect a lot of sugar in that water; we have already been accused of being too fat! Watch the Bee Movie and see what your children are learning about life. All our lives we been told the story of the Birds and the Bees, just nobody told us the story about the Bees, until now! Goodbye Republic hello State Capitalism and VAT!!!

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