Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comment on: Tea Party Already Shapes '12 Race

The article discuses the view from the top, it is an impressive group of experts and well rounded potential candidates. From the bottom it looks somewhat different. In the neighborhoods where the voters live, we don’t care about all the complex analyses of party affiliations that the writer is talking about. It sounds good and it makes us feel important when we discuss it with friends. That is the only value for us.   Every one of the people that he has listed has one impressive portfolio I’m sure. The fact that they are Republicans or Decorates tea-party approved or not means nothing. The thing is that they also have many corporate sponsors, and before they come to us for votes they must convince the corporate board of directors and make promises to them first. Very specific promises that they must keep, that we care about! They come to us with big speeches and big promises, they know trough surveys and polls exactly what our concerns are. Maybe we could present them with a transcript of the campaign promises and have them sign it at the swearing in ceremonies and inaugurations! That would make the “Contract with Americans” legally binding. Every President and legislator did something for his corporate sponsors; all of those things remain there long after the president is gone out of the office. The programs the regulations the taxes the government employees the mandates the lows stay forever. The new administration gets new dishes and a new cook, the old one gets relocated or retired. The old china gets a new cabinet imported from China!
There are more people governing then there are governed. At this point, by the Grace of God the tea-party candidates will have a shot at the leadership, if they miss, the progressives will be reelected and they will stay in power until the next “Declaration of Independence!” The trade with China needs to stop; the outsourced jobs must come back home. If this midterm the Republicans regain the power and are able to revitalize manufacturing and the other industries and shrink the Government there is a good chance the our Constitution and way of live will remain the envy of the World! If not, it will be good by Republic and welcome State Capitalism and VAT!!!

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