Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Letter to NRSC Chairman John Cornyn

Wednesday, October 06, 2010
Dear Mr. Cornyn
The letter you have sent me, dated “Wednesday morning”, requesting “an immediate contribution” was pushy at minimum and it does not mention the phone conversation I had with your staff volunteer, which I hope was a volunteer and not a commission earning solicitor? Please, assure me that you are using volunteers in our efforts to make a positive difference in our Government.
The reason our economy is stagnated, amongst other things, is that we have regulated ourselves out of business and have embraced Chinese communism. There is no way that only one administration is responsible for the present situation that we are in. Every administration took a bite out of the proverbial pie and none have baked one. So please tell us how will things change, under Republican Administration, which industries will return? Or it’s goodbye apple pie and Chevrolet and hello State Capitalism! Hello “value added tax!” Catchy isn’t it?
This letter is in no way an endorsement of the Obama-administration.
Sincerely yours, Zoltan Varga

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