Thursday, October 21, 2010

Individual Rights

We are living in a society where every citizen have a right to earn more than he need to sustain life, to leave inheritance and to have a family business, this is only possible in the USA, please don’t take it for granted! At this point the government outgrew its citizens. I suspect that the number of employees working for, cities and municipalities, counties and state governments and all the federal agencies, too numerous to list exceeds 50% of working Americans. The Real-property is being consolidated. The equity and the principle from our investments are being misappropriated by our government.  I’m concerned that the very Feudalism that our Founders left behind is reacquiring in the conversation around the progressive movement that is plaguing the rest of the world. The World is progressing from a Feudal Social Structure where the real-estate is owned by governments, large landowners, corporations, and lately in the USA by Agricultural Concerns, towards Communism where everything and everybody will be under the government control. USA is the only country in the World that all individuals are allowed to hold real-estate and accumulate wealth.
Can we defend our homes, business and bank accounts? It was not that long ago that the family farms were going under, small factories was closing and the big box stores come on to the scene and trade with Communist China started. McCarthy is turning over in his grave. The problem that we are facing is new generations, new cultures and new world powers fighting to re-divide the World. At home there is a major migration of people from south and a new generation looking for redistribution of wealth. We are losing our jobs to third world, starving people willing to work for a dollar a day. Our homes are being foreclosed on. The greed of our business leaders is enormous. The living standards between east and the west are not comparable. How will we defend the Constitution to assure that individual rights and equal rights and right to own land and the right to accumulate wealth continue to be our USA the example to the World?

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