Sunday, December 5, 2010

Conflict of Interest

Q: In your opinion do you think that the economy of some of the emerging countries where a lot of major companies from the US has moved to will ever get strong enough to actually buy enough products from the US to make this idea good. Or do you think that the underlying new thoughts starting to be viewed as factual are that the reality is that companies only move overseas to both break up unions and to make an ever bigger profit margin.
The answer to the first part of the question is no, the developing world is looking to grow; only things they buy is energy, technology and tools, that they copy. The labor force in the third world is so marginalized and the standards of living so low that the workers are literality working for “a pint and a crust.” There is no competition from the western world possible. Most of the East, India and China are treating their labor force like the beasts of burden. There are three classes in the developing world; the rich and the politicians, the poor and the dirt poor.       
The second question is yes, and is extremely troubling.  The operating word here is a LIVING WAGE and JOB SECURITY. The big corporations didn’t intend to live up to their end of the collective bargaining agreements so they found a way to get out of those contracts by moving the production elsewhere and are still doing that, moving from state to state, taking advantages of land grants and tax breaks. Our lawmakers sold out the American worker. The Congress failed to bridge the gap between labor and business and to regulate the international trade. Events that lead to unionization and collective bargaining have nothing to do with politics and right and left it was always about right and wrong. The unions elevated the workers to the middle class status. That in turn helped the small business and communities to grow. Once elected our representatives and senators start taking sides. We should never have allowed the China trade. The corporate and the union lobby are equally corrupt. I don’t know, maybe someone can explain it to me, how is it LEGALY possible for an elected official to negotiate a union contract with someone else’s money, the tax payers money. Government employees don’t have a reason to organized; they already enjoy the benefits of job security and a living wage. Government employees already have the political machine backing them. There is a huge difference between private and government employment, it is a conflict of interest; our elected officials sold us out. The business has a right to incorporate and the labor a right to organized, the Congress has a RESPONSIBILITY to bridge the gap between labor and business, they failed to do that. So there we go, buying cheep Chinese junk, calling each other right and left and complaining about joblessness!
Have a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas and all the rest of Holydays! 

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