Thursday, September 30, 2010

It’s The Eagle Mr. Beck

Listening to your program (“making of a revolutionary” I made this up) I heard you say that you didn’t see how is possible to be “apple pie and Chevrolet” and a socialist revolutionary and how come that people are not seeing it coming. For the first generation of instigators I believe that is possible because that they already have a generous slice of the pie that they are not willing to share; the rest of us believe just about anything. “Are you ready for change America?” Head me running to the wonting booth, I actually promised my friends, that if Obama gets elected I will give up being a cynic. It didn’t happen. UAW workers believed when  President Reagan said “I will get all the welfare queens and their Cadillac’s” the poor bigots actually thought that Mr. Reagan was talking about black people on welfare and not about the very people in front of him, the UAW. When he got elected he nearly destroyed the auto industry in Michigan.
 It’s the second and third generation that will have an issue with “from everybody according to his ability”. Look at the post WWII exodus from Eastern Europe. When the central planning of education started the laborers were celebrated at the same time education was emphasized, big time oxymoron. “Hawing connections” was the goal in life, corruption the way of life and the glass ceiling was thick.
Wake up America!

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