Tuesday, September 21, 2010

State Capitalism is a code for Socialism

Communal society is the first society. From the tree to the cave it was “Matriarchal” from the first villages to pre industrial Feudalism was “Patriarchal.” The individual was always expendable, the slowest was eaten.  Forming of village changed the power structure in the tribe; the men put themselves in front. The leaders identified themselves, most likely by, fighting it out. We are still fighting, no longer over goats, now we are fighting over money because that is how we keep score. The transition from the first village to the first kingdom, I’m sure it took some time. There are still aborigine tribes that are not organized. Our First Nation, the Native Americans are still straggling to organize.
 Innovation, colonization, exploration, industrialization and paper money continually changed the power balance in the world.
Now we have UN, global economy, gender equality and are talking about Global Governance.
The wars are raging around the world just like always, nations are arming themselves and threatening to harm each other just like always, the poor are being instigated to revolt against their master for a promise of a new and improved master just like always. Only here in the US freedom exists we need to protect it.
The Left, is pushing for Socialism and the Right, for the Republic; we will not let the Left confuse the situation by making up new words like “State Capitalism,” to gain control over the means of production, we already saw how little it took to take control over banks.    
The one thing that was created truly a new, Our Republic, the only document that allows for personal freedom the US Constitution is being proclaimed outdated. We cannot forget that the US Constitution is an all inclusive document that allows for personal freedom, the socialism does not. It also allows for the impeachment of Government officials. That is our tool at the bolt box. No more working for the special interest, no more exporting of row materials, no more leasing of government land to foreign companies for pennies stop the speculators from profiting of the tax payers. We cannot let ourselves be depended on the government. We cannot allow the government to deprive us of our private lives. We need to clearly distinguish social programs from socialism. In socialism is always about the collective, it is not like we like to say “I’m a team player” the individual is expendable, just like in prehistoric time. We should call the left “digressive” not progressive.                  
Who, which country, who’s ideology will we fallow? George Washington and the US Constitution or, you tell me.

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