Friday, September 17, 2010

The Speculators

Redistribution of wealth was newer meant for the poor. The media was poking at President Bush, for the refunds he was giving, saying the poor are getting a muffler and the rich a car. To poke at President Obama, the rich in His group will get a new hart and the poor a dental check up.
Redistribution actually means shifting the wealth from one group to another. Only thing is that media is trying to be politically correct, and it didn’t distinguish the two groups for us. With all the economist writing a petition, in fear of a duple deep recession, yes it will happen, but only to one group. Money changes hands, it is like energy it transforms, does not disappear it changes form.
When a group of leaders is writing regulation it is to the benefit of the class they represent, be assured it is never the poor. A prominent writer once said “…if we stop poverty, politicians would have nothing to talk about…” There are poverty programs showing pictures of the poor in the ghetto asking us to help to send money, newer do they show the rich arranging and licensing the photo shoot.
This is what I am leading up to, the two groups of rich, the upstanding entrepreneur acquiring wealth by the sweat of his brow, and the speculator skirting the Low. Exposing these groups would make a big deference; we should no longer tolerate people looking to make money trough speculation. At one point when the stock markets and commodity exchanges opened, it was grate, it assured uniform praising and financing of the products and made investment available to industry.
The simplest of investments, the retirement funds are being skimmed off. Coming into the market like clockwork, trough payroll deduction and matching funds, every pay period. The speculators are watching that, “fresh cash" closely.
So, you mouthy commentators, in the media, please start taking names. Don’t tell me to bake a pie, look at the prices of ingredients; it is twice the price of already baked pie, made by minimum wage workers with no benefits employed at will in food factories.
Let’s talk about deal making and organizing, for real, not like some overpriced half baked seminar speculating on the na├»ve and the needy.

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