Thursday, September 9, 2010


Conversation about taxes, need to shift from collecting to spending. Continuing not to worry about misappropriation is impending the well being of our Republic. Some of the commentators in the popular media suggested that maybe a problem. The obscene amount of money is being collected and no senator or a representative could be accountable individually. Every so often somebody brings it up, like the bridge to nowhere to embers somebody. The problem is much larger than that. Things that are there for long time need to be looked at. A ledger going back at least fifty years could be balanced like a personal check book. Somebody have signed for every penny of the appropriation those signatories need to testify to: Who initiate the programs and how long ago, from farm subsidies to education and research grants.

That could be possible only if our lowmakers suddenly got remorse and confessed to all the free lunches with the lobbyist, or We the People make the Contract with America legally banding. Maybe somebody have an idea how could that be possible, or just pay your taxes and be thankful that you can. Once the bully got you he will not let you go until you have something to give.

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