Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New World Order

 In preparing ourselves to defend the Republic from the New Socialist Revolution we need to distinguish the socialist in our Society.  
The socialist of the first generation are the do-gooders that are trying to make way for themselves in the society. They are generally semi-intelligent people that could not make it to the next level in the field that they are in; obvious examples are: Shall Remain Nameless  . Shall didn’t quite make it to the top in the main stream politics. Nameless is not accepted in the old money elite, he is desperately trying to be counted. They followers are of the same clot, well of parents, with to-much time on the hands with a good education, same as they leaders, desperately trying to be counted, but the fact that they cannot foresee the outcome of the actions that they engage in is most dangers. Do not fear smart people; fear the ones that are semi-intelligent because of, that they are self-righteous. They will burn you, they parents and everything in front of them just to prove that they are right. The damage to the society is enormous; there is a lot of money, made trough speculation and trickery or simply inherited from hard working parents, being spent on that propaganda. Needing to be right is a psychological problem that consumes the society and its people. I propose that we have them re-educated in North Korea, I’m sure that after they see and feel on they skin how people live under a communist dictatorship that they will reconsider.  
The word in the media is that once again one of them made it; He is on the top fighting to “re-divide the World” once again, I wonder what the New World Order will look like this time, how many people will expire?
Sorry, I meant to say “redistribution of wealth.”

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